Patient Wayfinding – The National Guard’s Health Affairs (NGHA) in Saudi Arabia.

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Patient Wayfinding – The National Guard’s Health Affairs (NGHA) in Saudi Arabia.

PenguinIN announces the official launch of the Patient Wayfinding Dulani feature within the app of the National Guard’s Health Affairs (NGHA) in Saudi Arabia. This new addition aims to enhance the patient’s experience and reduce missed appointments, bringing a sense of satisfaction among patients and healthcare workers. 

Being part of the digital transformation journey for one of the largest medical cities in the MENA region fills PenguinIN with joy.


This comes as a sign of our commitment for the region and the Vision 2030,” expressed Ra’ed Nayfeh, PenguinIN’s Regional Business Development Director.


With more than 400,000 active users on the MNGHA Care App on both IOS and Android, the Dulani feature is a key addition and initial stats indicate just that.  This positive reception reflects the value it brings to healthcare accessibility in Saudi Arabia. 

The user-friendly Dulani feature empowers patients to take greater control of their healthcare journey. With its intuitive design and smart functionality, the Dulani feature ensures a hassle-free healthcare journey, and leaves patients more content with their overall experience. 

With the successful implementation of the “Dulani دلّني” service at NGHA Riyadh Campus, PenguinIN reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation in the healthcare industry. The technology represents a significant step towards digitizing healthcare services in Saudi Arabia and aligns with the nation’s vision of advancing its digital infrastructure.  


In conclusion, the launch of the Dulani feature marks an exciting milestone for PenguinIN. It signifies a significant step towards improved patient care and underscores PenguinIN’s dedication to transforming healthcare through innovative digital solutions. With optimism and eagerness, we look forward to the positive impact this advancement will have on healthcare accessibility and patient well-being in the region. 


About KAMC-RD:  

King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh (KAMC-RD) is renowned as one of Saudi Arabia’s most comprehensive healthcare medical cities. 

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Cloud Solutions stands as a prominent IT services provider with over 15 years of expertise catering to the demands of both public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia. 

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PenguinIN is an Indoor Positioning solutions provider dedicated to transforming living and working spaces through digital innovation. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and user-centric design, PenguinIN delivers solutions that empower organizations and enhance user experiences. 

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