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BLE 5.1 + Advanced Location Algorithms

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Penguin’s Simplified Approach to Location Services

Since conception, the cost effectiveness and battery longevity of BLE attracted many attempts to apply it to the RTLS domain. Yet, signal bleeding through walls typical of the 2.4GHz band has always resulted in poor location estimates particularly at room and sub-room levels.

BLE 5.1
Penguin applies advances in machine learning to the information made available by the recent standard BLE 5.1 hardware to provide room-level and subroom location estimation. Adopted and refined by Penguin, such techniques are only made possible with the availability of computation horsepower (edge or cloud).

The Formula for Success
Penguin leverages recent advances in the fields of machine learning, radio design, and computing to solve a long-standing problem. When we combine the computational horsepower + standard BLE 5.1 + Machine Learning we are able to produce room- and sub-room level accuracy with minimal infrastructure investment, offering a simplified approach to location services.

Location Continuum
The enhancement of location accuracy and its diverse applications can be consistently refined by integrating cost-effective beacons and locators. These technologies pave the way for ever-evolving advancements, enabling precise tracking and navigation across various domains.

Penguin Location Services - Location Technology

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Our Pen IQ Dev-Kit is now accessible for simple installation.This kit provides access to PenguinIN's location algorithms, utilizing state-of-the-art hardware equipped with advanced BLE 5.1 technology.

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