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What is PenNav Q

PenNav Q

Elevating visitor experience. Location services with digital kiosks.

What is PenNav Q?

The PenNav Q solution provides a web-enabled static wayfinding experience rendered on kiosks, digital signage, or visitor mobile browsers. It guides users from their current location to a chosen Point of Interest (POI) within the venue premises. PenNav Q does not necessitate a mobile app installation.

PenNav Q - Penguin Location Technology

PenNav Q Features

Location services, and much more.

PenNav Q encompasses a comprehensive location solution with strategically positioned in kiosks around the venue. Equipped with PenNav location technology, PenNav Q can utilize location data to provide guidance, support, contextual marketing, and various other services.

Suitable hardware & optimal user experience

Penguin offers a scalable dashboard that is fully customizable to match venue interiors and branding. Our software is fully compatible with various kiosk hardware, ensuring seamless integration.

Penguin floor mapping for optimal experiences

The PenNav solution provides comprehensive floor mapping for venues, 3D map views, routing options, and QR applications, encompassing even the most complex spaces to implement its wayfinding solution. With PenNav Q, administrators have full authority to modify Points of Interest (POIs), implement changes, and enhance the visitor experience.

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Leveraging the versatility of QR codes, Eliminate the dependency on hardware. PenNav Q offers virtual kiosks experience where a QR code scan smartphone’s web browser into a personal digital kiosk. QR codes can be placed on walls or even embedded within a digital kiosk.

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PenNav Q - versatile solutions for every environment

Current Location Identification: Utilizes advanced geolocation technology to precisely identify the current location of users interacting with the digital kiosk (hardware or QR).

Contextual Marketing Integration: Seamlessly integrates with contextual marketing efforts to personalize the visitor experience by delivering targeted content and promotions based on location data and venue updates.

Patient Support in Healthcare Facilities: The digital kiosk aids patients in navigating complex facilities, offering step-by-step guidance to their intended destinations, enhancing overall efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Indoor Analytics | data-driven decision-making

Utilizes data analytics tools to process and analyze user movement patterns, popular zones, and engagement metrics.

Empowers decision-makers with actionable insights derived from the indoor analytics data, facilitating informed and strategic choices.

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