Workforce Safety – The smartest staff safety solution with a multitude of applications

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Workforce Safety

Location-enabled staff safety. Simplified.

Better response time for emergency situations

In emergency scenarios, our Workforce Safety solution enables your staff to depend on a reliable solution that prioritizes accurate data, rapid delivery, and robust infrastructure, ensuring efficiency even in the most critical situations.

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Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) to eliminate bottlenecks

The Workforce Safety solution provides a range of safety applications customized to adhere to your facility's business rules, employing scenario-based approaches for each department and application. Versatile and fully adaptable, our solution promotes top safety standards through a user-friendly and flexible design.

Our location-enabled solution supports facilities in their accreditation processes, ensuring compliance with safety procedures and significantly reducing the likelihood of avoidable incidents. It consistently delivers optimal outcomes even in challenging scenarios.

From increasing HCAHPS scores to enhancing patient satisfaction, our solution delivers measurable ROI to healthcare facilities and accelerates safety compliance.

The Workforce Safety solution comprises diverse hardware options tailored to specific use-cases, from panic buttons to location zone-based alert systems, accompanied by cutting-edge AI-enabled software that guarantees efficient implementations.


Through the utilization of BLE technology and the installation of BLE locators within the facility, we enhance visibility, seamlessly integrating with existing systems. The Workforce Safety solutions also features alert-triggering tags, providing essential and precise information for rapid responses.

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A User's Journey

Mark, a dedicated hospital nurse, encounters a sudden emergency.

With no time to reach a communication point, he relies on a wearable card featuring a panic button.

Using the hospital's advanced duress call system, the security team quickly pinpoints his exact location.

This system provides critical information about the situation Mark is facing, helping the security team respond efficiently.

Security team can access this information on their screen monitors or even mobile phones.

With precise details and Mark's location in hand, the security team ensures the safety of the hospital's staff and patients.

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Why BLE 5.1?

BLE technology, now enhanced by economies of scale, is ideal for indoor tracking solutions. Previous BLE versions lacked necessary accuracy for detailed location needs. However, the new BLE 5.1 standard enables Penguin AI's location engine to achieve sub-meter accuracy using affordable, standard tags—a breakthrough previously only achievable with costly hardware. This ensures a strong ROI and promotes broader adoption of real-time tracking. Additionally, leveraging standard radio for RTLS infrastructure benefits other IoT applications, like environmental sensing and security.

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How it works?

BLE 5.1 tags emit continuous tone (CTE) which is sampled by our locators and passed to our location engine which in turn calculates the location of the tracked tag. The location is shared with software applications to build use-case-specific solutions or with 3rd party systems over APIs.

Harnessing AI for safety and security.

PenSafe leverages AI-driven location technology to enhance safety measures, offering intelligent monitoring and real-time alert systems that adapt to specific environments for unparalleled security.

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Calculate your hospital's ROI

Calculate your hospital's ROI

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