Hand Hygiene Complience – Ensure Hand Hygiene Complience For Better Infection Control

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Hand Hygiene Compliance

Infection Prevention. Simplified.

Accelerating safety compliance

PenSafe's Hand Hygiene Compliance employs a digital platform to monitor and improve hand hygiene compliance, an essential component of infection prevention strategies. It combines sensor-equipped dispensers with real-time tracking of staff locations to ensure comprehensive oversight for proactive monitoring.

Better Compliance

PenSafe’s Hand Hygiene Compliance solution can be tailored with specific business rules to issue alerts whenever there are breaches in hygiene protocols.

Lessons Learned: COVID 19

During the pandemic, we worked closely with healthcare facilities to explore how technology could best assist, ensuring that we never face the same outcome again and be better prepared. Our location-based technologies can be instrumental in quarantine scenarios, providing facilities with full visibility and better, richer data.

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Through the incorporation of location-based technology and BLE capabilities, we ensure that staff is easily monitored, supported, and adhering to regulations. The solution blends smart dispensers with live staff tracking, giving full control for proactive monitoring.

We firmly believe that compliance comes through simplicity. Our technology can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, streamlining the learning curve and minimizing training periods.

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Why BLE 5.1?

BLE technology, now enhanced by economies of scale, is ideal for indoor tracking solutions. Previous BLE versions lacked necessary accuracy for detailed location needs. However, the new BLE 5.1 standard enables Penguin AI's location engine to achieve sub-meter accuracy using affordable, standard tags—a breakthrough previously only achievable with costly hardware. This ensures a strong ROI and promotes broader adoption of real-time tracking. Additionally, leveraging standard radio for RTLS infrastructure benefits other IoT applications, like environmental sensing and security.

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How it works?

BLE 5.1 tags emit continuous tone (CTE) which is sampled by our locators and passed to our location engine which in turn calculates the location of the tracked tag. The location is shared with software applications to build use-case-specific solutions or with 3rd party systems over APIs.

Harnessing AI for safety and security.

PenSafe leverages AI-driven location technology to enhance safety measures, offering intelligent monitoring and real-time alert systems that adapt to specific environments for unparalleled security.

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