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Penguin Location ServicesTM improves enterprise operational efficiency, visitor experience, workflow and safety via the world’s most advanced location engine supporting BLE 5.1 and above infrastructure. Penguin’s AI and ML powered location algorithms support high velocity updates and sub-room level accuracy across the entire enterprise.

We innovate for various industry fields, spanning healthcare to enterprise. Our solutions are easy to implement and manage, making the daunting task of deploying location services simple.

Our diverse team of researchers, developers, and UI/UX specialists, with international industry backgrounds, are driven by challenges, excited to solve problems, eager to learn, and, most importantly, passionate about our collaborative mission to deliver innovative location technologies to improve enterprise efficiency and safety.

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Our Vision: Make the world smarter, safer and more efficient with innovative technology.​

Our Mission: Produce and deliver innovative AI-powered location technologies, on a global scale, enabling a smarter, safer and more efficient enterprise. ​

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* Why the Penguin? Penguins are intelligent, social, and highly adapted animals with a precise sense of direction, intuition and navigation.

The History

Penguin Location Services, launched in 2018, initially providing indoor navigation for venues like Ferrari World, and Yas Water World. In 2020, COVID hits and the world is not the same. Penguin designs and implement home quarantine compliance solution and contact tracing using BLE technology.

In 2021, our technology evolves to offer diverse location-based solutions and applications, including asset tracking, workflow management, and safety applications like staff duress and infant protection. Accuracy using existing radio technology is a challenge.

In 2022, we had a significant breakthrough producing the most accurate, AI-driven BLE 5.1 location engine with sub-meter accuracy using standard, off-the-shelf tags, and sensors. This was described as “game-changer” allowing the service of cost-conscious markets and use cases.

In 2023, Penguin PenNav Pro launches with campus-wide outdoor support and full navigation experience for ease of integration. The adoption is unprecedent serving mega projects the Ministry of National Guard Health Authority in Riyadh, Saudi Telecom Company, SASREF/Aramco, and KAFD (the largest smart campus in the world). In 2024, stronger and more confident than ever. Penguin produces a dev-kit showcasing our accuracy. We are expanding and serving new markets. Our team is growing and the office space is getting too tight!

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