Airports – Enhance the traveler’s journey and optimize operational processes and services

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Enhance travelers' journeys and optimize operational processes and services. Simplified.

Fully managed indoor/outdoor positioning and navigation solutions that elevate passenger experiences and enhance operational efficiency in airports.

Indoor Navigation | Passenger Experience

Provide navigation options through both app-based and kiosk-based systems for passengers.

Deliver turn-by-turn instructions directly to the gate.

Ensure accessibility options are available without the need for coding.

Collect data on foot traffic and space utilization for improved facility management.

Enable passengers to mark and share their parking locations for a hassle-free return.

Asset Tracking

RTLS can track luggage from check-in to loading onto the aircraft, reducing lost or misplaced baggage incidents and improving turnaround times.

Ground support equipment like trolleys, wheelchairs, and maintenance tools can be tracked in real-time, ensuring they are readily available when and where needed, optimizing their usage and preventing delays.

In case of an emergency, RTLS allows for the quick location of life-saving equipment such as defibrillators, fire extinguishers, and emergency response kits, enhancing safety protocols.

Workflow | Staff Visibility

Track the real-time location of airport personnel, ensuring swift and precise localization during emergencies or when their assistance is needed.

Maintain strict control over entry and exit points within the airport, enhancing security and ensuring authorized personnel can move seamlessly while preventing unauthorized access.

Location-based Messaging (LBM) | Flight Updates

Provide flight and gates updates to reduce costly missed flights.

Offer more-than-just-travel airport experience offer promotions and engagement options.

PenNav Q
Kiosks for everyone!

No Downloads: Offer a complete kiosk experience with the scan of a QR code.

Hardware-agnostic: Compatible with any web-enabled digital signage hardware.

Amenities Locator: Locate restrooms, ATMs, charging stations, and other facilities.

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