Retail – Enriching visitor experiences and streamlining retail operations

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Enriching visitor experiences and streamlining retail operations. Simplified.

Location services to create an elevated shopping experience for customers and provide increased visibility for operational supervisors.

Indoor Wayfinding | Customer Experience

Offer wayfinding experience to prevent “getting-lost” scenarios with a familiar user interface.

Obtain rich data on movement patterns to enable better, smarter decision-making.

Advocate accessibility features by providing routes for people with special needs.

Integrate with parking management systems to locate and guide visitors to their cars.

Location-based Messaging (LBM) | Targeted Marketing

Help tenants drive traffic, improve visibility, and reinforce brand.

Curate shopping experiences by promoting offers based on customer profile.

Improve conversion with the right message, at the right location at the right time.

Workflow | Children Protection

Offer budget-friendly bracelet tags that parents can attach to their children when entering large shopping venues, providing peace of mind through constant connectivity.

The solution enhances safety procedures and supports security staff with everyday processes.

PenNav Q
Kiosks for everyone!

Kiosks provide maps, directions, and general information about the shopping mall.

Showcase advertisements and highlight any updates on discounts and offers.

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