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White Paper
BLE 5.1 + Advanced Location Algorithms White Paper Graphic

BLE 5.1 + Advanced Location Algorithms

A technical review of BLE 4.0 and the advancement of BLE 5.1 using much more sophisticated location algorithms. Using BLE 5.1 + Advanced Location Algorithms Penguin is uniquely positioned to make RTLS more accessible and affordable for enterprises worldwide.


Staff Duress & Panic Alerting – Solution Brochure

Discover our PenSafe staff duress solution tailored for healthcare professionals. Explore how our scalable location technology enhances safety and efficiency for caregivers, empowering them to work in smarter, safer environments with advanced technology applications.


PenNav – Advanced Navigation & Wayfinding

PenNav offers operations managers a platform to create, and update 2D/3D maps, points of interest (POIs), categories, department, routes and much more.


PenSafe – Location-enabled enterprise safety applications​

PenSafe utilizes business rules to track the real-time location of individuals and assets with pinpoint accuracy at both room and sub-room levels, fostering secure environments in healthcare, education, and industry sectors.

Penguin Location Services - Location Technology

Pen-IQ Kit flyer Vol.1

Our new easy to install Dev kit comes with full access to Ai-driven location algorithms.


PenTrack – Asset tracking to improve resource management

RTLS tracking solutions powered by advanced location algorithms designed to improve operations, productivity and enterprise efficiency.

White Paper

Penguin’s White Paper on RTLS

How Bluetooth Low Energy technology is driving adoption of Real-Time Location Systems.

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