Industry – Amplifying Safety, Productivity, and Efficiency in Industrial Settings

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Advocating safety, productivity, and efficiency in industrial settings. Simplified.

Boost efficiency and put safety first with cutting-edge solutions. Penguin Location Services provides innovative solutions crafted to enhance industrial operations, streamlining production and manufacturing processes.

Workforce Safety | Emergency S.O.S

Enable swift access to emergency assistance in high-risk or hazardous situations.

Reduce response time by accurately pinpointing the location of staff in distress.

Automate response and improve compliance using rule-based alerts.

Ensure compliance to evacuation procedures.

Asset Tracking

Offer real-time PAR-level monitoring to optimize inventory management.

Improve productivity by reducing losses and increasing utilization of key assets.

Track equipment to ensure proper usage and maintenance, reducing equipment wear and tear.

Ensure adherence to environmental regulations by tracking disposal of hazardous materials.

Workflow | Workforce Tracking

Track employee movements and attendance enhancing overall productivity.

Streamline in-field access control to select zones based on privileges.

Offer incident verification options with historical location data.

Monitor contractors’ compliance to safety protocols and work schedules.

Automated Attendance

Automate in-field employee attendance with intelligent geo-fencing applications.

Gain insights to optimize workforce scheduling and reduce scheduling conflicts.

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