Asset Tracking – Safer, smarter, and better management of assets

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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Safer, smarter, and better management of assets.

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset Tracking involves closely monitoring and managing essential resources within facilities. This process systematically oversees key assets to ensure they are visible and traceable throughout various operational stages. This oversight is facilitated through mediums such as computer interfaces and mobile applications, providing real-time insights and data visualization capabilities.

Asset Tracking | A solution for everyday problems

The Asset Tracking solution is versatile, offering a range of functionalities to suit various needs. Whether it's swiftly locating vital assets, keeping meticulous usage records, or efficiently managing stock levels to avoid over-ordering or stock-outs. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to customize and scale according to your facility's requirements and business rules.

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Asset Tracking ROI

By accurately tracking and managing medical equipment, supplies, and assets, hospitals can minimize losses due to shrinkage. This heightened efficiency not only optimizes resource utilization but also contributes significantly to cost savings, thereby emphasizing the positive impact on the hospital's overall ROI.


Why BLE 5.1?

BLE technology, now enhanced by economies of scale, is ideal for indoor tracking solutions. Previous BLE versions lacked necessary accuracy for detailed location needs. However, the new BLE 5.1 standard enables Penguin AI's location engine to achieve sub-meter accuracy using affordable, standard tags—a breakthrough previously only achievable with costly hardware. This ensures a strong ROI and promotes broader adoption of real-time tracking. Additionally, leveraging standard radio for RTLS infrastructure benefits other IoT applications, like environmental sensing and security.

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How it works?

BLE 5.1 tags emit continuous tone (CTE) which is sampled by our locators and passed to our location engine which in turn calculates the location of the tracked tag. The location is shared with software applications to build use-case-specific solutions or with 3rd party systems over APIs.

A bundle of use-cases

PenTrack delivers precise location services with sub-meter accuracy, utilizing cost-effective, standard technology. It is bundled with ready-to-use solutions. Let's collaborate to discover how we can tackle more and new real-world challenges together.

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Calculate your hospital's ROI

Calculate your hospital's ROI

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