Education – Immersive Indoor Positioning Applications to support students and university personnel

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Location services for a safer, more efficient learning environment. Simplified.

Elevate the academic journey in educational settings with innovative solutions that optimize productivity and safety at the forefront.

Workforce Safety
K-12 & Higher Education

The Workforce Safety solution enables swift and coordinated responses to emergencies on university campuses, including medical incidents, security threats, and natural disasters.

The Workforce Safety solution integrates with the university's existing security, communication, and emergency response systems to enhance overall safety.

Automated Attendance
Student Experience

Automated Attendance solution streamlines attendance processes, saving time for both students and instructors by eliminating the need for manual roll calls and paper lists.

Access real-time data on student attendance, providing instructors and administrators with immediate insights into class participation.

Minimize or even eliminate the chances of human error in attendance recording, guaranteeing precise records for grading and class management.

Penguin's Automated Attendance solution can be integrated with other educational technologies and learning management systems, providing a seamless experience for students and instructors.

Hot Desking
Student Experience

Students and faculty members have the option to book rooms, lecture halls, study spots, or desks. Users can view the map to see which spaces are open and available for booking.

PenNav Q
Kiosks for everyone!

Digital kiosks serve as centralized information hubs, providing students and visitors with easy access to campus maps, event schedules, and essential contact information.

PenNav Q offers interactive maps and directions to help users find classrooms, offices, libraries, and various facilities on campus.

Users can feedback or participate in surveys to share their experiences and preferences, aiding in continuous campus improvement.

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