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Advanced location services. Simplified.

Innovative location technology developed to ensure staff and patient safety, as well as improved patient experiences, and operational efficiency.

Workforce Safety | Staff Duress

Panic alerting system for nurses when caring for hostile patients.

Caregivers can trigger emergency alarms to notify designated staff when they face unexpected distress.

Nurses can alert others for support when a patient needs urgent medical attention.

The Workforce Safety solution allows care-givers to silently signal an alert for assistance, ensuring their needs are met promptly.

Indoor Wayfinding | Patient Experience

Direct patients to clinical departments and outpatient appointments.

Provide a turn-by-turn GPS-like experience indoors for visitors, and guide friends and family members to patient rooms and waiting areas.

Enhance accessibility by providing recommended routes for people with special mobility challenges.

Asset Tracking

Seamless real-time tracking of medical equipment, ensuring it's always within reach.

Advanced PAR level monitoring to preemptively avoid shortages and streamline inventory management.

Comprehensive insights into the usage of medical assets, enabling strategic efficiency enhancements.

Robust prevention of asset loss with strategic alerts at critical transition points.

Workflow | Staff Visibility, Patient Flow, and ED Efficiency

Track the location of healthcare staff, ensuring that they can be quickly located in case of emergencies or when assistance is needed.

Monitor patient movement, helping staff anticipate patient needs, optimize resource allocation, and ensure a better patient experience.

In emergency departments, the solution tracks the progress of patients from admission to treatment, reducing waiting times, improving resource allocation, and enhancing overall ED efficiency.

Optimize patient flow, reduce patient wait times, enhancing the overall quality of care.

Use location-based alerts to prevent high-risk patients from wandering into unauthorized areas.

Infant Protection

Protect infants by using tags or bands that set off alarms if an infant is taken outside authorized areas.

Activate immediate alerts if a newborn is taken or moved beyond designated safety zones.

Utilize identification methods to match infants with their parents or guardians accurately, preventing mix- ups in maternity wards.

Ensure constant monitoring of the nursery area to detect any unusual activity or unauthorized access.

Location-based Messaging (LBM)
Patient Experience

Send location-specific reminders to patients for appointments, medication schedules, or specific tests when they are in or near the healthcare facility.

Alert staff members with location-based messages about emergencies, patient needs, or important tasks, ensuring a quick response.

Disseminate location-specific health information to patients and visitors based on their current location within the facility, offering relevant guidance or resources.

Hand-Hygiene Compliance

Use reminders and alerts to prompt healthcare staff to practice hand hygiene at key moments, such as before and after patient contact.

Improve infection control measures by ensuring that proper hand hygiene is consistently practiced, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Calculate your hospital's ROI

Calculate your hospital's ROI

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