Enterprise – Enhancing Office Efficiency, Safety, and Collaboration with Indoor Precision

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Enhancing office efficiency, safety, and collaboration with precision. Simplified.

Penguin Location Services offers solutions designed for expansive business venues, spanning from indoor and outdoor navigation to innovative IoT applications that enhances workflows and visitor experiences.

Campus Navigation | Enterprise Experience

Offer branded campus-wide navigation with curated routing options for better employee and visitor experience. Ideal for large corporate campuses and business parks.

Present multiple travel options including ridesharing, walking, public transport, and green options echoing contemporary preferences.

Update road closures and construction to prevent frustration and improve overall experience.

Save time and energy by integrating with meeting room and parking management systems to provide closest available options.

Location-based Messaging

Use Location-based Messaging for targeted marketing efforts by alerting visitors and employees near specific zones or retail areas.

Send immediate safety instructions to occupants based on their location to support safety protocols during critical situations.

Create interactive tours with Location-based Messaging for informative experiences indoors and outdoors.

Send reminders for important tasks, appointments, and meetings to ensure timely attendance and organization.

Automated Attendance

Implement the Automated Attendance solution to streamline workforce management, making it easier for HR and management to track employee attendance and work hours across the expansive facility.

Offer automated check-in for contractors entering the corporate campus, simplifying the process and enhancing security procedures.

Replace outdated manual methods with precise, time-efficient, environmentally a friendly smart IoT solution, reducing dependency and enhancing efficiency.

Hot Desking | Enterprise Experience

A user friendly platform to help employees and other stakeholders to book offices, meeting rooms, and other venue spaces, allowing you to also have full visibility on occupancy of spaces within the venues.

PenNav Q
Kiosks for everyone!

Offer a navigation solution for guests and stakeholders, guiding them to points of interest (POIs) with easy-to-use interactive maps.

Deliver a fully managed and adaptable platform that can be modified to reflect changes in the venue or office facilities.

Supply marketing materials and draw attention to promotional updates for visitors, supporting commercial activities within the venue.

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