Wander Prevention – Caring for seniors and supporting the heroes who look out for them

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Wander Prevention

Caring for seniors and supporting the heroes who look out for them.

A simplified solution for elopement.

With our Wandering Prevention solution. Staff members in a facility can have complete visibility into the location of attendees, ensuring constant monitoring to keep everyone safe!

Advocating proper response

When a patient or attendant exits a restricted area or enters an unauthorized zone, administrators are promptly alerted. The dashboard would indicate the precise location of the situation with exact coordinates.

Safety & confidence

At its core, our technology achieves accuracy, reliability, and cost-efficiency. We believe that this solution is essential for senior homes, hospitals, or any environment where care and visibility intersect.


Through our BLE setup, we can monitor the movement of individuals wearing tag devices. These tags come in various forms, from cards to bracelets and badges, tailored to specific use cases. Additionally, our solutions can integrate specific sensors into areas where movement monitoring is required.

With the tag option, our tags are cost-efficient and sometimes completely disposable to ensure minimal financial burden in the case of loss. They can also be tamper-proof, making it more convenient for caregivers.

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Why BLE 5.1?

BLE technology, now enhanced by economies of scale, is ideal for indoor tracking solutions. Previous BLE versions lacked necessary accuracy for detailed location needs. However, the new BLE 5.1 standard enables Penguin AI's location engine to achieve sub-meter accuracy using affordable, standard tags—a breakthrough previously only achievable with costly hardware. This ensures a strong ROI and promotes broader adoption of real-time tracking. Additionally, leveraging standard radio for RTLS infrastructure benefits other IoT applications, like environmental sensing and security.

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How it works?

BLE 5.1 tags emit continuous tone (CTE) which is sampled by our locators and passed to our location engine which in turn calculates the location of the tracked tag. The location is shared with software applications to build use-case-specific solutions or with 3rd party systems over APIs.

Harnessing AI for safety and security.

PenSafe leverages AI-driven location technology to enhance safety measures, offering intelligent monitoring and real-time alert systems that adapt to specific environments for unparalleled security.

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