PenNav Pro – The navigation solution for seamless indoor and outdoor journeys

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PenNav Pro

The navigation solution for seamless indoor and outdoor journeys.

The leading wayfinding solution | PenNav Pro

Experience top-tier, comprehensive campus-wide navigation with PenNav Pro, featuring detailed 2D/3D maps and seamless home-to-office routing complete with step-by-step directions and tactile feedback. PenNav Pro offers the flexibility to be seamlessly integrated into your current applications or used as a standalone app. PenNav ensures a smooth and effortless setup process, Enabling you to effortlessly customize your navigation solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Indoor Navigation Features

Turn-by-turn guidance

Turn-by-turn, indoor/outdoor real-time blue-dot experience with voice commands. PenNav Pro offers outstanding accuracy and floor-level detection with several routing options.

Multi-floor routing

Built from the ground up to support indoor navigation, floor-level detection and multi-floor navigation is at the core of what we do. Offering flexibility in connecting floors and buildings together offers navigation options which are unique and impressive.

Indoor/outdoor transition

PenNav Pro offers campus-wide and home-to-office options by leveraging GPS in outdoor navigation with seamless AI-driven indoor/outdoor transition detection.

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Seamless Integration

PenNav Pro comes in a user-friendly package designed for effortless integration, featuring a vector-based map engine, comprehensive 2D/3D maps, and a full UI/UX experience that reduces integration time from weeks to hours. Its appearance is fully customizable, allowing it to mirror the client's brand through languages, colors, and typography options.

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Location-based Messaging

Penguin provides a campaign manager for handling Location-based Messaging (LBM) through its integrated user interface. This versatile tool enhances visitor experiences while offering engagement and monetization options for experience and marketing managers.

The process of Location-based Messaging

By harnessing both IoT and LoT (Location of things) technologies, the geolocation of individuals as they approach specific points of interest can trigger alerts or push notifications, offering valuable utility across various use-cases.

Understand your facility

Penguin provides dashboards and reports leveraging both real-time and historical data from PenNav Pro, offering enhanced visibility and insights for better decision-making. Tailored reports can also be developed to meet the unique needs of each client.

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What more?

Since the beginning, PenNav has been at the core of what we do and we are proud of it. Today, Penguin covers more area than any other indoor navigation vendor and our experience shows. Our configuration portal is often described as “impressive” and the seamless integration makes us the vendor of choice for some of the largest facilities in the world.


Penguin's AI-powered location engine algorithms is opportunistic and utilizes various technology infrastructure to calculate location including radio, magnetic field, light and mobile sensors (human behavior). Due to software restrictions on select mobile platforms, our recent deployments have focused on leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. To support this trend, we have incorporated a beacon management and monitoring capabilities into our platform.

Why BLE?

BLE-based beacons are recognized for their low upkeep and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for navigation and marketing initiatives. Smartphone companies have been championing this shift, encouraging the market adoption of BLE, with some even driving technical advancements. Similarly, Wi-Fi service providers have embraced BLE by embedding it within their access points.

The broad availability of integrated and battery-powered beacons has accelerated the widespread of BLE technology across businesses. In addition to our solutions, Penguin forms strategic partnerships with various Wi-Fi service providers to build enterprise-grade solution.

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