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February 25, 2021

PenguinIN is happy to announce its partnership with Quuppa. As a specialized indoor traceability and wayfinding solution provider, PenguinIN saw the clear advantage of the accuracy and short latency offered by the Quuppa platform.


“We see this technology applicable today in many verticals including healthcare and enterprise.”  Commented Mai Aqel, Product Manager at PenguinIN. “The joint solution offers new uses and a level of granularity needed for next-gen of business rules and analytics”.


“The partnership with PenguinIN is of great value to Quuppa and the RTLS technology we provide.” Commented Christoffer Segercrantz, VP Sales at Quuppa. “Using RTLS provides means for implementing KPI’s that help the organization to measure improvements, this is now possible due to the cooperation and partnership. PenguinIN brings us closer to the customers and the understanding of tomorrow challenges that needs to be solved for the customers, especially in the healthcare sector where PenguinIN together with Quuppa can bring tomorrow solutions”.


A key differentiator of the joint solution is the use of a single-radio Bluetooth Low Energy asset and people tags. The solution offers accuracy and tag battery life which are not possible with multi-radio, bulky, expensive tags used by other solutions prevalent today. These challenges have been a key limitation for sustained ROI in deployed RTLS solutions.


To learn more about PenguinIN’s partnership with Quuppa and how this technology could support your business, send us a message at [email protected]

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