PenguinIN Announces the Development of a Multi-Technology Indoor Positioning engine

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PenguinIN Announces the Development of a Multi-Technology Indoor Positioning engine

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

PenguinIN’s R&D team, which has been working on the commercializing of advanced indoor positioning and traceability technologies, announced major progress toward the introduction of a multi-technology opportunistic indoor positioning engine.

Since conception, BLE has been contemplated as an enabling technology for indoor positioning. However, the R & D team at PenguinIN realized that many venues may have different types of IT infrastructure at different levels of deployment densities. Such IT infrastructure is usually already deployed to provide network connectivity and it may be owned or operated by different stakeholders.

To leverage the swath of technologies and vendors supplying such IT infrastructure, PenguinIN successfully developed a multi-technology, vendor-agnostic, opportunistic platform that relies on machine-learning to provide a cost-effective platform leveraging any and all available IT infrastructure at a venue, including Wi-Fi, BLE, magnetic fields, LED lighting, small cells, … etc. Initial results are very encouraging and provide for reliable and accurate indoor positioning system.

The platform is offered as a Managed Solution to ensure that frequent changes in the infrastructure and venue environment do not impact the performance of the solution over intended coverage area and over time. This is a key differentiator which is expected to be welcomed by already stretched IT departments who are not in a position to look after such a solution themselves.