PenguinIN Partners with Cisco Meraki

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PenguinIN Partners with Cisco Meraki

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December 18, 2019

PenguinIN is happy to announce its partnership with Cisco Meraki and is now part of the app listing on the app store. “We recently launched with Cisco DNA Spaces and today we continue to work with the extended Cisco family by offering more use cases through the app store” explained Mai Aqel, Product Manager at PenguinIN.


PenguinIN is a managed indoor positioning provider enabling digital transformation of physical spaces through use cases leveraging existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Whether it is automated attendance requiring presence detection or indoor navigation requiring high accuracy, PenguinIN technology provides tiered accuracy suitable for different applications.


The partnership offers existing and future clients of Cisco Meraki applications such as automated attendance, staff and asset zone-based tracking, indoor navigation, location-based messaging, analytics and business rules. The focus is to drive workplace efficiency in many verticals such as healthcare, enterprise and retail backend.


To learn more about PenguinIN, please visit or drop us a line at [email protected]

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