Penguin Location Services™ and ZulaFly™ Announce Strategic Partnership

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Penguin Location Services™ and ZulaFly™ Announce Strategic Partnership

AI/ML enabled location services combine with industry-leading workflow applications, offering health systems end-to-end visibility solutions.

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April 2, 2024

[Irvine, CA & Fargo, ND], [April 2, 2024] – Penguin Location Services, a leading AI/ML enabled IoT provider, and ZulaFly, a leading enterprise cloud workflow application provider, announce a strategic partnership to offer healthcare end-to-end, best-in-class, location-based workflow, and safety solutions.

Penguin offers a broad portfolio of location-based products supporting enterprise navigation, real-time locating, and safety applications. Penguin’s proprietary AI/ML algorithms allow the use of any 5.1 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled device to be leveraged as a high-performance location transponder. In many cases, location update speed is within milliseconds and location accuracy is consistently at the sub-room level (bed and chair-level).

ZulaFly is a leading enterprise software provider offering a cloud-hosted solution, supporting over 100 workflows and use cases for healthcare. ZulaFly has hundreds of satisfied clients with a deep experience partnering with RTLS and other technology vendors to successfully deliver location-enabled solutions for large health systems in North America and globally.

“We were amazed by the performance and accuracy of Penguin’s technology. With very limited hardware, we could validate high-velocity location updates and room-level accuracy out of the box. We are excited for the promising future ahead with this partnership.” Stephanie Andersen, Founding Partner, ZulaFly

“We are enthusiastic about the combined end-to-end workflow solutions we can now commercialize with ZulaFly. Their extensive first-hand experience and successful deployment and management of workflow, safety and environmental monitoring solutions can help accelerate the proliferation of location services in healthcare” – Mohammed Smadi, PhD, CEO, Penguin Location Services

The ZulaFly and Penguin partnership marks a new generation of location-enabled workflow solutions in healthcare. Penguin’s easy-to-install and low-cost standard BLE 5.1 technology combined with ZulaFly’s industry-leading workflow applications means that enterprise-class visibility solutions are now more accessible and affordable for healthcare systems worldwide.


About Penguin

Penguin Location Services™ improves enterprise operational efficiency, visitor experience, workflow and safety via the world’s most advanced location engine supporting BLE 5.1 and above infrastructure. Penguin’s AI and ML powered location algorithms support high velocity updates and sub-room level accuracy across the entire enterprise. Penguin is on a mission to make location services more accessible and simpler to manage on a global scale.

About ZulaFly

ZulaFly is an industry-leading software solution company that collects, processes, and analyzes critical enterprise data, and presents the output in a customizable, unified dashboard user interface. ZulaFly supports many operational and safety applications including Workflow, Patient Wander, Locating & Wireless Alerting, Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring, Staff Safety & Locating, Staff Rounding, Hand Hygiene, Mobility and many others. These critical applications can be managed at a single facility or across multiple campuses in a cloud-hosted environment. Hundreds of satisfied customer sites are enjoying the benefits of ZulaFly’s enterprise-class visibility solutions.


  • Penguin Location Services™ is a trademark of PenguinIN, Inc.
  • ZulaFly™ is a trademark of ZulaFly, Inc.

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