PenguinIN participates in GITEX 2013 in partnership with Waseela

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PenguinIN participates in GITEX 2013 in partnership with Waseela

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October 14, 2013

Monday, 14 October 2013

PenguinIN announced today that it will be exhibiting and demoing its indoor positioning capability at Waseela’s booth at GITEX 2013 in Dubai – UAE. Waseela is the regional VAR of PenguinIN for the Middle East region.

Gitex Technology Week
Gitex Technology Week

“As the Internet of Things (IoT) technology gains momentum, identifying the locations of objects and people in real-time or near-real-time becomes essential” commented Dr. Samer Taha, Waseela’s CEO.

During GITEX, PenguinIN will be demonstrating staff automated attendance, process automation and indoor navigation while leveraging existing GITEX infrastructure.

“This is an interesting solution. Really interesting. Particularly the managed service aspect since takes the worry out of deploying such a solution where IT departments may be poorly trained to maintain it” commented a VP Technology of a local cellular carrier.

Waseela is already engaged in discussions with large retailers in the region to deploy field trials. Such massive spaces provide good testing grounds to address many of the clients’ concerns having to do with the coverage area and multi-floor detection accuracy.

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