PenguinIN participated at GITEX 2019

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PenguinIN participated at GITEX 2019

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October 17, 2019
PenguinIN is proud of having participated at GITEX 2019 in Dubai from 6th to 10th October 2019. As a technology partner, PenguinIN collaborated with Waseela to present PenTrack, PenguinIN’s featured indoor tracking products.

PenguinIN had the chance to showcase two prominent applications of its RTLS solution, namely: one demo for smart campuses and one for innovative healthcare facilities. PenTrack advanced real-time tracking of people and assets in an enterprise environment leverages the existing infrastructure.

Dr. Smadi – PenguinIN’s Managing Director – commented that “PenTrack is the application of our unique indoor positioning technology for tracking purposes. We have fully developed solutions for specific use cases with concrete ROI. Whether for healthcare, education or other verticals, the opportunities are countless and we are excited to be enablers of the smart and digital space.”

Source: The Crown Prince of Dubai at the opening of GITEX Technology Week 2019. Emirates News Agency

GITEX is a yearly gathering of global players in ICT field. This year’s GITEX hosted +100,000 visitors and +4,500 exhibitors and took place at the Dubai World Trade Center. As an early-player in the indoor positioning field, PenguinIN has witnessed the evolution of the demand for the technology. People are now able to imagine the application for PenguinIN. Many visitors even commented that indoor technology can even help them solve the indoor navigation problem at GITEX.

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