PenguinIN Integration of Positioning System with CISCO CMX Platform

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PenguinIN Integration of Positioning System with CISCO CMX Platform

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December 15, 2017

December 2017
PenguinIN announced full integration of it’s Indoor Wayfinding Solution with the Cisco CMX APIs. Cisco’s Wi-Fi CMX platform can be used to provide indoor positioning under dense Cisco-Wi-Fi deployment. “Unleashing the true power of CMX requires an additional layer of customization and integration which PenguinIN provides” commented Dr. Smadi, the head of the regional R & D Lab. PenguinIN supports the delivery of effective RTLS use cases and analytics data to ensure a healthy RoI on Cisco CMX investment.


In recognition of the added-value that PenguinIN brings to the Cisco CMX solution, both companies are discussing joint go-to-market plans and activities

The Power of CMX Cloud and Location-Based Services

The ability of PenguinIN indoor positioning technology to interoperate with various IT platforms and suppliers is a key differentiator attributed to the multi-technology, vendor-neutral, and opportunistic approach. This ensures seamless integration with CMX cloud solutions and enhances the capabilities of location-based services within the wireless network.

Enhancing Connectivity with Cisco Mobility Services Engine

PenguinIN’s solution also complements the CISCO mobility services engine, providing robust location based analytics and positioning. By leveraging CMX connect, users can easily save content and access critical analytics data to improve operational efficiency. The integration ensures that the CISCO connected mobile experiences CMX are optimized, providing a superior user experience.

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