HIMSS19 Conference

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HIMSS19 Conference

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April 10, 2019

PenguinIN was happy to attend this year’s HIMSS. With more than 42,000 professionals attending HIMSS 19, it was great to see that companies from around the world came to provide better healthcare products and solutions. The focus of the event was to advance the safety, efficiency and quality of care, digitization of healthcare, use of Artificial Intelligence, interoperability, data protection, and IT security.

The president & CEO of HIMSS, Hal Wolf, started the event by a keynote speech stating “Now more than ever, healthcare needs a renaissance”. One can understand Mr Wolf’s comment, in light of the fact that healthcare global market is expected to grow to $158 billion by 2022. This would generate a massive opportunity for healthcare organizations to deliver the vast infrastructure required to deliver Healthcare digitization.

A lot of emphasis was directed at healthcare providers needing to invest in the tools and technologies necessary to better engage patients and enhance patient experience, such as:

  • Wayfinding
  • Reducing perceived wait times
  • Recognizing Donors
  • Promoting hospital services
  • Generating revenue with advertising
  • Staff communications



Patients have higher expectations of the healthcare system and the technology that enables them to be consumers – which further raises their expectations. Patients now expect healthcare providers to offer the same kind of high-quality, personalized digital services they experience in their lives as consumers elsewhere.

PenguinIN does address significant parts of the patient experience, and some of the use cases that PenguinIN offers can add real value for better operational efficiency at the healthcare premises, which helps further the healthcare digitization.

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