Fruitful PoC at University of Illinois

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Fruitful PoC at University of Illinois

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July 14, 2019

PenguinIN has successfully presented its wayfinding solution at University of Illinois (UIUC). UIUC encompasses 17 colleges attended by more than 47 000 students and about 2 641 staff members. UIUC’s School of Information Sciences and College of Engineering are among the best in the country, being ranked number 75 in QS Global World Ranking.

Taking into account that UIUC with its 640 buildings extends over an area of almost 10 square miles and resembles a medium-sized city, its campus seems to be predestined for the impressive deployment of PenguinIN’s wayfinding solution that facilitates the seamless experience within educational environment.

PenguinIN’s solution has been the missing piece of the smart campus and ROKWIRE puzzle– an initiative that aims at leveraging latest technology to make students life easier by applying a living lab approach. The idea behind ROKWIRE is: If it works at college, it can work on cities, too. So UIUC campus is considered as a perfect testbed for inspiring technology-related ideas that have the potential to impact on the community of the future.

While preparing for the PoC, PenguinIN detected difficulties with the handover between two WiFi access points which periodically resulted in WiFi disconnection of the mobile device and therefore missing position update. PenguinIN solved this issue by connecting the mobile devices to 3G. As walls of the first floor were covered with metal, sensor readings and blue dot orientation were negatively affected. PenguinIN’s research team seized this as an opportunity for optimizing the blue dot’s orientation by the removal of sensor’s data noise.

UIUC’s team was mesmerized and excited, especially about the multi-floor detection and transition as well as the accuracy of the blue dot and auto-rotation that were granted by PenguinIN. These examples demonstrate how customizable PenguinIN’s solutions are, so they suit the needs and requirements of its clients by tailoring its solution to the specific indoor venue set up.

‘We are proud to be part of this unique initiative, especially as PenguinIN and UIUC share an important commonality: our focus on research. UIUC is among the schools with the highest level of research activity and PenguinIN spares no effort in its R&D activities to meet its objectives: to leverage latest technologies and machine-learning techniques for a best-in-class indoor positioning and an excellent application of these.’, says Omar Shaer, Operations Director – North America.

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