Deployment of Indoor Wayfinding Solution at Ruckus Networks

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Deployment of Indoor Wayfinding Solution at Ruckus Networks

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August 8, 2019

As part of the new alliance between PenguinIN and Ruckus Networks, PenguinIN was glad to accept Ruckus’s invitation to its corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. and seized the chance to deploy its indoor wayfinding solution on site.

Amongst some others, PenguinIN nominated Ruckus Networks as a partner that offers a solid Wi-Fi network. This can be leveraged and combined with PenguinIN’s state-of-the-art positioning engine in order to introduce a blue dot that is eligible for most of indoor RTLS use cases.

Indoor Wayfinding, an essential RTLS solution, has been deployed at Ruckus’s office. From now on, the indoor positioning system can be used for demo purposes so Ruckus can demonstrate PenguinIN’s solutions to its interested customers.

PenguinIN is pleased with the achievements of the initial demonstration and deployment of its indoor positioning systems (IPS). After a few days of preparation and deploying hardware in the form of BLE beacons, the Indoor Navigation worked with excellent smoothness. On top of that, Ruckus networking’s team was surprised by the accuracy with which the real-time movements were presented in the web portal.

Usually, an open space, as found in Ruckus office, is a challenge for IPS as there are no walls that could reduce the distribution of readings which results in a multitude of interfering data. Nevertheless, PenguinIN’s IPS did not face any difficulties as the logic for the indoor positioning engine is crafted in a way that takes these difficulties into account.


Joining in Ruckus as a member of the RAP, i.e. Ruckus Alliance Partners, enables PenguinIN to support Ruckus with their mission of bringing best in class solutions to customers and redefining the future.

We are proud that another well-established Wi-Fi provider trusts us, our technology and our unique suite that is offered as a managed service.”, said Dr. Smadi, CEO of PenguinIN.

After Ruckus Wireless and ARRIS have joined CommScope, this is a next strategic step for Ruckus Wireless. Their reliable Wi-Fi networks can be leveraged for a plethora of Location of Things (LoT) use cases offered by PenguinIN to support customers with a hand-picked solution. This partnership comes on time with the substantial rise in demand for managed RTLS solution, which is in line with forecasts unveiling the fact that the RTLS market has been growing at a CAGR of 22.5% between 2018 and 2021.

This new alliance – also consolidated by the successful demonstration – further reinforces the leading position of the two partners in the global RTLS market. PenguinIN and Ruckus Networks are convinced that their partnership will enhance and enrich their businesses to digitally transform their clients’ venues.


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