Cisco Connect Riyadh 2020

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Cisco Connect Riyadh 2020

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March 15, 2020

Cisco Connect was a great success and the vibe was fantastic. PenguinIN has demonstrated applications of their indoor positioning technology using the Cisco connectivity platform. Demonstrations included:

  1. PenTrack applications in healthcare including online monitor, geo-fencing, analytics, and duress call functions.
  2. PenKiosk application in hospitality with seamless check-in experience including keyless entry with wireless lock and navigate-to-room option.

“We are getting interest from healthcare, hospitality, higher education, defense, and entertainment. The demand for location-based services is surely felt” commented Mohammed Smadi, Managing Director of PenguinIN.

Location-based services has a great potential for integration with other systems such as CCTV, message broadcasting, security, and analytics. During the event, PenguinIN has shown integration capability with Singlewire: a platform for emergency communication with mass notification capabilities.

The video below is a demonstration of a joint effort between Singlewire and PenguinIN.


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