Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs

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Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs

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October 13, 2020

NGHA is one of the largest government-funded multispecialty health systems in the MENA region with five medical cities spread all over The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Due to its widespread geographic location and numerous visitors and patients, there is a serious need for a versatile indoor/outdoor navigation system. NGHA will be collaborating with PenguinIN to build and customize a navigation system within their existing application.

The navigation solution will feature interactive digital maps, contextually searchable directory listing, indoor/outdoor wayfinding with natural language instruction, and indoor analytics to provide actionable insights across the entire venue.

The solution operator is also intending to leave the location-aware messaging abilities to push customized messages through the mobile application.

PenNav –PenguinIN Indoor Navigation Solution is expected to improve the overall experience of patients and visitors by eliminating the frustration of missing appointments, wasting time, or even getting lost in these huge facilities.

For more information about PenguinIN implementation at NGHA, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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