CBAHI – A Saudi Approach to Improved Healthcare

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CBAHI – A Saudi Approach to Improved Healthcare

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October 6, 2022

CBAHI – A Saudi Approach to Improved Healthcare


Saudi Arabia is transforming its healthcare sector through privatization under tight monitoring by the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutes (CBAHI).

CBAHI aims to improve the patient, staff and visitor safety, service level and experience offered by all accredited institutes in the Kingdom. Additionally, it mandates the availability of tools to report errors during the service offering process.

PenguinIN has been refining its solutions to offer healthcare facilities solutions that help satisfy such accreditation requirements. Our solutions address:

 Preventing and Reporting Medical Errors and Improving Safety:

 Ensuring that surgery is always done at the right place

  • Giving a newborn to the correct parents
  • Newborn safety using electronic tagging immediately from birth
  • Ensuring compliance with infection control


Improving Patient Experience:

 Offering external and internal wayfinding signage to assist in wayfinding. This includes a navigate from home to clinic feature

  • Clear access and egress wayfinding for authorized hospital staff
  • Availability of wayfinding boards and enquiry points at entrances


Enhancing Operational Readiness:

  • Neonatal tracking system (to protect against abduction)
  • Tracking the sterilization of medical equipment
  • Nurse tracking to support nurse calling systems and nurse safety
  • Equipment dwell times in dirty and clean rooms
  • System to support facility managers in tracking and scheduling maintenance for medical equipment

These are interesting times and PenguinIN is proud to be working with healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia to address these challenges.
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