How can Indoor Positioning and Navigation solutions make a shopper’s life easier?

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How can Indoor Positioning and Navigation solutions make a shopper’s life easier?

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May 28, 2019

In this blog post, we share our learnings of challenges experienced by visitors of mega shopping centers in 2018 and how these challenges are shaping the priorities of IT and marketing departments in 2019. Exploring how Indoor Positioning and Navigation solutions make a shopper’s life easier?

With several options in most cities, shoppers today have a choice thus can be pickier about their venue of choice. The experience is what matters most. In-venue experience to retain loyalty and drive foot-traffic are the primary motif. A recently opened mega mall calls for solutions leveraging digital transformation: The poor experience begins with finding the right parking spot, then continues with locating a specific shop with the perfect deal or a friend within a multi floor venue. On top of that, navigating back to the car can be challenging, too.

But there might be some solutions. The following list shows what visitors of a shopping center wish for based on a study by ECE (a leading European shopping center operator in Germany) in 2016:

  • 2/3 of visitors gain information about the shopping center via app or website before visiting.
  • More than 85% of shoppers find arrival services and information on premises as highly relevant for their visit.
  • There is a strong desire for a parking guidance system among visitors.
  • 25% of visitors would like to be navigated by a 3D guidance system, while one of every three people under 40 wish for it.

While value-driven use cases vary by venue type, in shopping malls, Targeted Marketing continues to be the major monetization strategy. Other beneficial solutions are Indoor Wayfinding, Family & Friends Finder as well as Car Finder. For this reason, we want to present these subsequently – among other interesting use cases.


Targeted Marketing

Benefits resulting from curated marketing that is context- and location-aware are twofold: Shoppers can receive personalized promotions or notifications based on their position, previous behavior and interests. On the other hand, retailers can send special offers and coupons when shoppers pass by their store. This results in increased sales for retailers while shoppers feel more engaged and are supported with finding the products they look for.

PenguinIN also offers integration with a comprehensive loyalty program in which users save earned loyalty or reward points for visiting the mall or sharing photos with friends.


Indoor Wayfinding

Shopping Centers can be complicated for visitors to navigate in. An interactive map allows the shopper to know exactly where he is going and how to get there in the fastest and easiest way regardless of floor transitions.


Family & Friends Finder

Maybe shoppers want to browse around the shops on their own and once they feel exhausted, meet up with their friends or family for a coffee. Another interesting use case are concerned parents who want to locate their children on the map in case they wander around. For this reason, PenguinIN’s R&D team developed the Family & Friends Finder.


Example for Targeted Marketing Screen. User can view details or start navigation to Point of Interest of this ad.


Car Finder

For visitors it can be exhausting to locate a vacant parking spot and find their way back to the car, especially during sales or when they face multi-storey car parks. With the Car Finder, the shopper can detect the nearest vacant spot, save the position of his car, navigate to all POIs and back to his car.



Venue and retail operators can locate staff, track their attendance automatically and allow and control access to specific locations in order to improve compliance, efficiency and safety. For example, security staff can be located quickly when there is an alert and their support is needed. PenguinIN also supports asset tracking (e.g. kiosks, POS displays or shopping carts).


This article aimed at pointing out how Indoor Positioning and Navigation solutions make lives as visitors of a shopping center easier and how they can enhance revenue of operators and retailers.

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