Home Quarantine Compliance Solution

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Home Quarantine Compliance Solution

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June 17, 2020

COVID-19 took the world by surprise and many governments found themselves poorly equipped to deal with the dynamic nature of this pandemic. If applied correctly, home-based quarantine is a cost-effective containment strategy. However, a key limitation of home-based quarantine is compliance.

At PenguinIN, we applied our patent-pending indoor positioning technology to develop a home quarantine compliance solution. Our solution uses a bracelet that is paired to an app on the patient’s mobile phone and ensures that the patient continues to be inside the quarantine area for the quarantine duration.

“It is highly modular and can be adopted in bits and pieces to fit the needs of the client” remarked Raed Nayfeh, PenguinIN’s regional sales manager. “We have already been working with some of the regional governments and are very excited to be part of large-scale deployments today.”

“Key differentiators of our solution are the detection – in real-time – of the bracelet status (worn vs. taken-off), secure location, automated infraction detection and seamless onboarding.” Commented Mai Aqel, Product Manager at PenguinIN.

The reporting tool offers a compliance score reflecting the level of compliance of quarantined individuals to the guidelines. This compliance score guides the effort of healthcare teams in the field.

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