Are theme parks really fun?

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Are theme parks really fun?

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April 10, 2019

I have never been a fan of theme parks and cannot think of anything worse than spending thirty minutes in a hot summer day waiting for the thrill of 67-second ride. Can you?

Last summer, I went to Dubai for a 5-day business trip. On my last day and under repeated concierge recommendations, I thought: come on, let’s give it a try. I succumbed to visiting one of the local theme parks and here it was déjà vu all over again with literally 100s of people ahead of me on many of the rides I wanted to try. With only eight hours left before my flight, I had this sense of urgency to ride what I could.

I thought to myself: won’t it be nice if I could figure out which rides had the least wait times or even better booked a time-slot during which I can show up and be shown to the VIP line? I wish if an insider accompanied me to show what the craze is all about. Thus far, I totally understand why others desperately leave the park or don’t even visit.


Long Queue at Hogwarts Express (Source)

Day Dreaming at the Park

Given that even many of the restaurants had long wait times too, I certainly cannot be the only one wishing for a solution. Possibly thru my mobile I can use it to book the ticket and then schedule (yes schedule) the rides ahead of time.

When it is my turn, the app notifies me and even encourages me to try similar rides but with short wait times or suggests numerous nearby restaurants, shows or special events without losing my spot in the queue. These suggestions could even be curated to my preferences based on past behavior or profile.

Main Screen of PenguinIN’s Mobile App

Wake Up Moment

The solution exists! PenguinIN’s mobile-based positioning platform can be used for (hold your breath) Queue Optimization and enables operators to push the boundaries of visitor’s experience by obtaining a bird’s-eye view over both the capacity and the flow of the queues. The less time one spends waiting, the more time they have to spend on rides, browsing gift shops and enjoying restaurants.

Not only does PenguinIN provide visitors with better guidance but it also provides operators the ability to more evenly spread people throughout the theme park. PenguinIN shares expected wait times and live videos of the rides along with status updates on delays or canceled shows or rides. This helps set expectations and reduce frustration.

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