Healthcare Facilities


Hospitals are large facilities where patients have difficulties finding the clinic or laboratory
they are looking for. Even healthcare workers struggle looking for misplaced equipment or locating
a colleague during a time of need. In addition, many healthcare functions such as duress or code-blue
calls benefit from knowing the location of the originator to dispatch the closest
resource and enable traceability for review at a later stage.

PenNav application IN Healthcare

Through curated experiences, PenNav offers improved patient experience through guidance with turn-by-turn instructions, personalized messaging and location-aware surveys. PenNav has been shown to reduce missed appointments and improve overall patient satisfaction.

PenTrack Application in healthcare

Healthcare facilities leverage PenTrack to introduce infection control, asset tracking, porter management, patient elopement prevention, staff automated attendance, patient wait-time monitoring and location-aware duress and code-blue calls. We integrate with many existing in-hospital systems to streamline and enhance processes.
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