We are among the first in the world to master the multi-signals, multi-technology and multi-sensors modeling of indoor environments.

We are a team of researchers, developers and UI/UX specialists with wide and diverse experiences, coming from various international industry experiences and spread around the world. We are driven by the challenge, excited to solve, aspire to learn and most importantly love what we do as a team. PenguinIN is headquartered in Irvine – California and has a regional office in Dubai. The company started its R & D activities in 2013.

Our Story

Our team brings more than 20 years of experience in both R & D and systems integration, throughout the years we developed various wireless systems and also deployed various wireless technologies across many enterprises that included many of the largest and tallest buildings in the world. We realized that the industry of indoor wireless positioning and tracking is fragmented across many technologies, hyped by overstated claims from IoT vendors and hurt by suppliers offering partial solutions. Which made many enterprises end up with solutions that require extensive additional development and integration to become ready for actual use, end up with solutions that worked first few months and then became unreliable and inaccurate, end up with solutions that are too complex to use by ordinary staff or end up with solutions that deliver way less than what was promised.

So we decided to pull together all the expertise and know how required to develop indoor wireless positioning and tracking solutions that are deployed on turnkey and fully-managed basis, infrastructure-vendor neutral, multi-technology opportunistic, accurate and reliable, cost effective and above all user-friendly and cool.

This required from us to pull together experts in wireless systems modeling, sensors modeling, machine learning, IP networking, IoT, backend and UX software development, cloudification, mobile platforms, professional and managed engineering services. This what it took us to build effective, reliable, fully-managed and user-friendly indoor way finding, people tracking, assets management and analytics solutions that are critical for the digital transformation of progressive enterprises.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for businesses worldwide in their journey towards recreating their living and working space as smart buildings thru digital transformation of processes and activities that touch staff, visitors and assets. A transformation that unleashes wide spectrum of smart applications and unparalleled experiences.

Our mission is to offer a managed IoT platform that is highly customizable, vendor-neutral, technology-opportunistic and future-proof that delivers indoor use cases including wayfinding, tracking and analytics. We leverage advanced machine learning to offer a turnkey managed solution without the hassle of infrastructure and solution upkeep.

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