Educational Facilities

Campuses can be difficult to navigate. With interactive maps, contextual searching and turn-by-turn wayfinding,
students and visitors can easily find their destination. In addition, the current generation of students demand
social connectedness. The PenguinIN platform makes available the location of friends who opt-in to share their location with
their social circle. This neat feature is clear sign of progressive institutes who adapt to the
needs of their students.

PenNav Application in educational facilities

Integrated with institution mobile application, PenNav provides interactive map, updated location of classes, location-tagged alert and SOS messages.

PenTrack Application in education

Through existing connectivity infrastructure, PenTrack offers student automated attendance. Institution may elect to analyze attendance in correlation to the student academic performance. This is particularly true to varsity teams where attendance is mandatory. PenTrack may also enable tracking and locating assets such as A/V equipment, laboratory equipment and other valuable assets
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